• You do not pay more than if you would do it yourself. Most of the time
        will pay less !
  • Amsterdam is always crowded. We know all the empty spots !
  • For the bargain prices you should always reserve in advance.
        Through us you do this in the most convenient way.
  • Last minute reservation is our specialty

    When you make an enquiry for a Hotel or Apartment we will send you an
    e-mail within one working day where in we will suggest a number of accommodations to you. You can pick one and make the final reservation or ask for more specifications. At that moment we will ask you for a credit card number with it's expiration date. You can mail this to us or if you rather like to fax it for security reasons you will get the fax number in the e-mail.

    Your credit card will be debited for a deposit not exceeding 10% of the room tariff and the remaining balance will be payable directly to the hotel on arrival/departure. We will include a 2.50 Euros per person handling charge. After that we will send you a guaranteed confirmation of the reservation.

    If you don't like your credit card to be debited you can give us your credit card number plus the expiration date. We only hold this to guarantee your reservation until you have passed by at our office to pick up the reservation form.




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